How to prepare for Distance Healing Session
Create a peaceful environment where no one will DISTURB you, lie on your back on your bed or on your sofa, make your space comfortable with cushions and a blanket if needed, (see photo below), close your eyes and take a deep breaths in and slow breaths out 3 to 4 times and relax.

Set your intention to receive the Healing Energy being channel for you by the Healer Laurent Hélène, just focus, trust and let go of any doubts.
During the session visualise Laurent is standing behind you and his hands are on your head.
Enjoy this beautiful gift that you’ve allowed yourself.

Laurent Hélène
Spiritual Healer

Lie on your back  and place your phone or camera to this position during the healing session

Please email a photo of yourself similar to this one for your session

The intent of this and every session I facilitate is for your highest and greatest good, so just relax, let go of any expectations and just allow the energy to flow. Enjoy this beautiful gift that you’ve allowed yourself.

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