How to prepare for Distance Healing Session

Create a calm setting where no one will disturb you, lie on your back on your bed or sofa, make your place comfortable with pillows and a blanket if necessary, close your eyes, and take three to four slow, deep breaths before relaxing (see photo below). By focusing, trusting, and letting go of any doubt, you can set your intention to receive the healing energy that Laurent is channelling for you. Imagine Laurent is behind you and has his hands on your head during the session.
Take pleasure in this lovely gift that you gave to yourself.
Sessions last 30–40 minutes and are available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7, 8, 9, and 10 p.m. time zone Paris, France.
The Distance Energy Healing session will be via Skype – Zoom or with just  your photo. Laurent will work with you via Skype, Zoom, or your photo. (When working with photos, it is essential to have a video chat prior to the session.)
Distance Energy Healing session will be on a donation basis—give what you can afford!


Laurent Hélène
Spiritual Healer

Lie on your back  and place your phone or camera to this position during the healing session

Please email a photo of yourself similar to this one for your session

The goal of this, and every session I facilitate, is for your highest and greatest good, so just relax, let go of any expectations, and let the energy flow. Enjoy this lovely present you’ve given yourself.

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We live in a fast-paced world where people expect instant solutions to every problem.
We have forgotten the importance of time (and patience especially to ourselves) in solving our problems.
This is especially true when we deal with our personal problems whether it be emotional, physical, or mental.
In our desire to speed up the process of healing from breakups, grief from loss or death, depression, and other difficult situations,
Healing takes time and most importantly, it requires self-compassion. We are all a work in progress, we all have our own timetable.
This is why when it comes to healing or recovering from illness whether it be mental or physical we need to be kind and patient with ourselves.